The smood® Business model

With its further technological development, smood® serves the business field of decentralized energy in the neighborhood between the housing industry and energy suppliers. The service offered by smood® aims at increasing the energy efficiency, the (utility) value and the attractiveness of the buildings to be refurbished and thus at increasing the demand for these properties.

The success criterion is economic efficiency: The reduction of the warm rent share pursued with smood® serves to partially cushion cold rent increases resulting from regular building renovation. smood® also promotes the development of premium neighborhoods for increased comfort requirements and higher yields.

smood® has the unique selling point of being able to offer solutions from a single source thanks to the interdisciplinary system network: all process steps are managed by one and the same contact person. By setting up a modular system based on standardized building type classes, customer problems are solved in a time- and cost-efficient manner.

The activities will radiate far into urban development as well as into the real estate and energy sector. smood®, as an entrepreneurial interdisciplinary association of engineers, manufacturers and service providers, will open up a new market for itself as well as for housing companies, public utilities or also for interested third parties with the economical energetic district conversion. The competence will be developed into an innovation leadership for holistic solutions for the energy efficiency of existing quarters. We know that we are well on the way to achieving this with our systemic way of thinking and are therefore also perceived as an innovator outside Thuringia, as is currently the case in the USA.

Today, efficient and ecological neighborhood solutions can already be realized as integrated concepts or planning – contact us.