With smoodPLAN, tools for the beginning of the value chain ‘neighborhood redevelopment’ are developed. The focus is on inventory recording and assessment, information management, conception, process management and evaluation. The new developments are intended to close gaps. The goal is to make the process of neighborhood planning and redevelopment consistent, standardized and more easily reproducible through new, additional methods and tools.

Research goals:

smoodCAPTURE – automated, digital inventory of geometry, energetic condition and microclimate of the neighborhood with unmanned aerial systems for most accurate planning basics in shortest time.

smoodSIMULATION – combined, semi-automated renovation strategy developer and optimizer for building envelope and systems engineering, neighborhood infrastructure, grey energy and life cycle for a holistic energy concept.

smoodQIM – Neighborhood Information Model. Hub of all actors and information in the neighborhood, starting with the mediation of local planners and executors, through joint, networked and efficient planning and implementation, to higher-level quality assurance.

smoodMANAGE – Evaluation and quality assurance tool to accompany the planning and implementation process to ensure optimal use of client resources.

Joint partners:

Project lead:

David Feige