GeoHoP provides a horizontal jacking method for the smood® technology platform for the extraction of geothermal energy in built-up, urban areas. The installation is to be carried out in one work step from a starting pit or a basement / underground garage. The geothermal probes will be installed in a star shape.

The costs are to be a maximum of 70.00 euros per meter drilled, making the heat generation costs competitive with other systems at less than 10 ct/kWh (according to VDI 2067).

The project consists of three subprojects for the development of the jacking unit, the drive unit and the probe head and base. The envisaged solution is designed for robustness and durability and represents an economical alternative to conventional energy sources.

Research objectives:

  • Installation of the geothermal probes during the drilling process
  • Securing the position of the geothermal probe during the re-drilling process
  • Star-shaped arrangement of the horizontal and inclined boreholes

Joint partners:

Project lead:     

Ernst Bode