GeoHeatStorage will supply a large-scale, cost-effective heat storage system for the smood® technology platform that can provide seasonal heat storage for an entire neighborhood. For this purpose, near-surface gravel aquifers are to be developed using special civil engineering methods.

The overall goal is to achieve the lowest possible heat production costs for year-round renewable energy supply in the district network through the optimized interaction of all components < 10 ct/kWh (according to VDI 2067).

This goal is to be achieved by a modular solution for near-surface groundwater heat storage systems using civil engineering components and special civil engineering methods in suitable underground construction space while optimizing the technical design (simulation) and optimal operation management with respect to heat storage costs.

Economically, the process in combination with solar thermal energy should compete with the currently cheap natural gas.

Research objectives:

  • Utilization of the potentials of near-surface gravel aquifers developed by construction technology
  • standardized procedures to determine the geological conditions
  • optimal civil engineering methods for development
  • dimensioning and evaluation
  • technical and economic improvement through further technical (standardized) components

Joint partners:

Project lead:

Marcus Meisel