The joint project EStorage will deliver a sustainable, safe and inexpensive neighborhood storage system for the storage of electrical energy to the smood technology platform. In combination with the other smood technologies and renewable energy generation, the storage system to be developed in EStorage will contribute to making socially responsible neighborhood redevelopment possible.

This is achieved by using Na/NiCl2 technology, which is characterized by the following properties:

  • intrinsic safety (no fire hazard)
  • use of readily available, low-cost raw materials (common salt, nickel, aluminum oxide)
  • fully recyclable
  • no use of ethically questionable raw materials
  • good scalability
  • cost-effective system integration

The joint project assumes that marginal costs at system level of 400€/kWh can therefore be achieved and undercut, which allows the electricity storage system to be operated economically in the long term.

Research objectives:

  • Development of a Na/NiCl2 cell adapted for quarter storage.
  • Simulation of battery modules >15kWh storage capacity
  • Development of battery modules >15kWh storage capacity
  • Development of control and control electronics on module level
  • Integration of battery modules into the control system

Collaborative partners:

Project lead:

Dr. Norbert Martin