Our team

Process expertise in geological, environmental & potential analyses; complex planning; systemic approaches

Energy supply systems + efficiency management, cross-sectoral energy analysis in the neighborhood, integrated supply approaches

Process know-how special civil engineering; production of civil engineering equipment; access to national and international sales channels

UAS-based condition detection & assessment of structures, automatic image analysis, digital planning tools: building modeling/visualization, BIM

Market analyses, benchmarking studies, site development incl. dynamic investment calculation

Process know-how in special civil engineering, geothermal energy and air heat exchangers

User-oriented software development. Life cycle analysis and energetic pre-dimensioning. Marketing of new productsn

Know-how system and component simulation CHP; development, production and integration of energy systems (SOFC, battery, TEG)

Core business construction, there planning of building services, simulation calculation, BIM, networking to potential clients

Software development for data management, integration architecture for systems, partner of the market leader Metercloud

Process know-how in geothermal energy and heat storage; specific solutions in applied construction

Planning and development of software for user-specific solutions, digital maps, cloud services and software prototyping

Planning of energy-efficient buildings and neighborhoods, research activities in the field of energy efficiency and technology transfer

Power supply solutions for voltage switchgear; automation platform for energy, industrial and municipal technology

Database know-how, business intelligence Business integration platform “TransConnect®”

Existing plants, process control in the power grid, integration of generation plants into FW grids, operation of heat grids

Internal / external communication (public relations / press relations, political consulting), project management, customer acquisition

Process know-how in drone flights and aerial image analyses, planning & strategy processes of regional climate protection concepts

innovative automation technology; planning, programming and manufacturing of complex switchgears

Prozess-Know-how für mobile & Process know-how for mobile & stationary batteries, access to national / international sales markets