Roots of smood® Part II:

The Sun of Sustainability

The ‘Sustainability Sun’ is a special visualization from effort, the innovative method for Integrated Neighborhood Concepts developed by a group of Thuringian engineers and scientists in 2015.

effort is a tool to plan the optimal mix of energy supply in combination with a spatially and functionally sustainable development for the neighborhood (‘Integrated Neighborhood Concept’).

effort measures the degree of fulfillment of sustainability in the dimensions of ecology, economy and social issues for the individual (altogether 22) indicator sets and the overall sustainability of the neighborhood. Target definitions of the sets to be derived are subjected to a digital hierarchy: Targets for the implementation of energy efficiency or energy retrofitting measures are set first. All sets are subject to a prohibition of deterioration (with the goal of improvement). In other words, the system of linked indicators allows an improvement of energy efficiency in the neighborhood only to the extent that the other indicators do not deteriorate.

Abb.: effort sun with assessment of the actual and final state of a real neighborhood.
The two upper numbers in the inner circle indicate the sustainability level of the actual and final state of the neighborhood (in %), the two lower numbers indicate the CO2 emissions (in tons of CO2 per person and year).

The Sun of Sustainability attracted a great deal of attention at presentations in the USA (2015 ICSDEC conference Chicago, 2017 Smart Cities New York City and 2018 Washington, among others). As part of smood® and through the activities of EnergieWerkStadt® eG, this visualization will be further developed into a brand. The Sun of Sustainability is also part of our exhibit in the German pavilion German Campus at the World Expo Dubai 2020.