Regional growth core smood® founds association

The alliance partners of the growth core for the planning, conversion and operation of energy-efficient, smart neighborhoods founded the smood® association in a digital founding event on January 25, 2021. “smood®” means “smart neighborhood” and combines existing technologies for neighborhood conversion with innovations for decentralized energy supply. The founding members are ten Thuringian SMEs that are involved in the innovation project. Further alliance partners are now joining.

The first chairman of the association, Dr. Kersten Roselt (JENA-GEOS® and EnergieWerkStadt from Jena), is delighted with the next step: “By founding the association, the growth core has created an externally effective platform that will further strengthen smood® in the future implementation of smart and energy-efficient neighborhoods and in public presentation.” Deputy chairmen are Andreas Reich of reich.architekten bda from Weimar and Dr. Ingo Schrewe, incowia GmbH from Ilmenau. The association is based in Jena.

The objectives of the association include, among other things, overarching measures for the successful realization of the project progress of the collaborative projects, support of the members in the collaboration across collaborative projects, representation of the contents of the growth core in national and international expert discussions, and the visualization and promotion of the growth core and its future products to future users and customers. The foundation of the association is a further step on the way to a marketing company for smood®-technologies.

The regional growth core “smood® – smart neighborhood” itself is being funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with €10 million until 2022 for the development of solutions for livable, efficient and environmentally friendly residential neighborhoods. Sixteen companies, four research institutions and one association in the Central Thuringia region are involved. smood® bundles the necessary know-how in five joint projects (smoodPlan, GeoHeatStorage, GeoHoP, EStorage and smoodACT) to develop a systemic value creation from the digitalized planning process and novel neighborhood storage systems for electricity and heat to the control and operational management solution.

ThEEN Managing Director Jana Liebe congratulates the new board and sums up: “This further development is an important step for the implementation of the project results for sustainable neighborhood development in practice and is groundbreaking for the energy transition beyond Thuringia.” The ThEEN supports the Growth Core Alliance in project management as well as in public relations.

Source: ThEEN e.V.